• Mikel Perez-Yi

Food and Racism revisited

Here's a revision since my last post wasn't actually about food or racism, just my nightly spiral into depression and sadness. So here's the thing. Food is a representation of culture and there is a strict difference between not liking a particular texture or taste, and saying you don't like ethnic food. There's a difference between saying "I don't enjoy spice," and "I don't like chinese food." One is specific to a flavor that you might not like, the other singles out the the cuisine of an entire group of people. I have always believed that ignorance leads to discrimination. When someone eschews the history and context of something, then it leads to presumptions and the illusion of authority by opinion. Much of the food that is available in the United States is a facsimile of what it supposedly represents. In other words, Taco Bell isn't the best representation of a typical mexican meal. But when people live their lives without that context, then Taco Bell is all they know. Then they form opinions about it that are based on nothing but their own perceptions. In my own experience I have found that people who refuse food based on the people it came from, are also the kind who refuse to engage with people based on where they came from. Maybe I'm judgy about racism due to the fact that I'm brown and live in America but sometimes I feel that I'm entitled to feel that way. This is sarcasm, I definitely deserve to judge people for their racisms.