• Mikel Perez-Yi

Pizza my mind

My favorite pizza that I tend to crave is from Costco. You can hate me. You can throw trash at me. You can do whatever you need to feel better but this is the truth. The best possible pizza you can get in California is from Costco. Pizza is not really a big deal out here. New York can have it. They have plenty of great food and the Pizza is one of them. But here in Los Angeles, you have to make your concessions for pizza options. There's plenty of restaurants that do the same shit they do in New York and make fancy expensive goddamn pizza to mimic what happens on the east coast. But why would anyone pay so much just to enjoy something that's just kinda like what someone else has. Its needless and excessive. just get something good that we have in abundance. Like a taco. Also Costco pizza is around 10 bucks for a whole damn pie. Maybe it's because I grew up poor and and this was a quick and easy solution to feeding me and my brother while my mom could rest and it was delicious. I feel like you can't really fight a good childhood memory, no matter how good your pizza is.

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